Cats away; Möbius Mice Don’t Play They WORK!  Sept. 9-13, 2018

Cats away; Möbius Mice Don’t Play They WORK! Sept. 9-13, 2018

Dincer, Baris, Yiğit and myself are in Cannes all this past week and now weekend looking after the Naval Yachts booth at the Cannes Boat Show and soaking up what’s new and interesting in the boats and companies here at the show.  However the rest of Team Möbius are hard at work back in Antalya and thanks to the photography talents of my beautiful and talented Captain Christine I am able to bring you this somewhat abbreviated weekly update of all the progress on XPM78-01 Möbius.  Let’s jump right in and see what’s been happening this past week ……

IMG_1682We will start off the boat over in Naval’s Cabinetry workshop where we find Ömer busy building the desk to go into Christine’s Office in the Aft Guest Cabin.
Office desk across couchTo refresh your memory here is an early rendering of the Guest Cabin looking aft to show Christine’s desk on the aft right side.  We have since removed the door to the right of the desk and made other changes to the interior but this is the same layout.
Christine Desk & CouchConveniently deleting the walls between the Guest Head/Bathroom and Shower enables this view looking directly Starboard to better show both the desk, printer cubby, Pullman berth folded into the upper wall with the couch below that folds out into a Queen bed and upper bookcases on both sides.
Guest Cabin deskHere is a slightly different perspective and colour of materials looking forward and Starboard/right side of the boat.  The wall between the right side of the desk and the Guest Shower has been removed here to show more of the full Guest Cabin.
IMG_1669Zipping back to reality aboard Möbius Ömer has the desk with its drawers and printer shelf set in place for final fitting.
IMG_1678Back to the Cabinet shop to catch Ömer and Selim busy putting on the solid rosewood edging onto the panels which go above and below the glass walls in the Master Shower.
IMG_1676They have also been busy prepping these plywood pieces from the Master Bathroom and Shower to receive the fiberglass panels what will soon be laminated on top.  Rather than build a mold for a one piece bath/shower room enclosure they are going to do this fiberglass work inside the boat by laying up sheets of fiberglass over the plywood and glassing in all the corners.  This will end up creating a seamless interior of walls, floors and ceiling that will be completely waterproof and easy to clean.
IMG_1670Back on board and down in the Basement, Christine was able to find more evidence of Cihan’s handiwork putting in more and more plumbing.  In this case the two upper black EPDM insulated PPR white PVC pipes carry the Air Conditioner chilled water to each of the Air Handlers in each cabin.  The two pipes running up through the ceiling lead to one of two Air Handlers in the SuperSalon.

The bottom EPDM insulated pipe is the hot water loop that circles the boat to provide immediate hot water to every tap.
IMG_1667Christine also managed to catch Hakan our resident 2D cabinetry drawing Master and Yesim our talented Interior Designer, conferring in the Guest Cabin, working out some details for this stepped transition on this side of the forward wall of the Guest Cabin and…….
IMG_1666…… this Galley side view where their discussion with Christine continued.
IMG_1672Not to be outdone, while they did get called away to work on another boat in the yard this week, Uğur and Nihat were able to knock off a few new jobs such as this section of the handrail on the Starboard/Right side stairs leading up from the Swim Platform onto the Aft Deck.
IMG_1674They also quickly completed the fold up ladder off the aft end of the Swim Platform.  This will make it very easy and safe to get in and out of the water when swimming, snorkeling and diving.
IMG_1673As we try to do with many features on Möbius the swim ladder will serve multiple purposes so it is made to be easily removed by using two fast pins as hinges which allow the ladder to be quickly removed and moved to a matching pair of hinge plates at the side deck gate for times when we are docked to the side of a low dock and need to climb up/down the side of the hull.
IMG_1675Here is a fish eyed perspective looking up at the ladder to show how the U tube brace holds the ladder vertical and away from the end of the transom plate.
IMG_1662This is what you might see when swimming up to the aft end of the boat looking for a handhold to help you climb out.  We have sized the ladder such that the bottom rung is an easy first step to get your foot up onto when in the water.

There will also be an additional pair of vertical rails running up parallel to the outer pipes here to provide an uninterrupted hand hold when you are climbing in and out of the water.
That’s it for this week.  The boat show ends on Sunday and I’ll be back in Antalya on Monday evening and back in the shipyard Tuesday morning as we all continue to make good progress towards the end of the year launch date.

Thanks for joining us and please be sure to add any and all comments, questions, ideas and suggestions in the “Join the Discussion” box below.


Full Work Week = Full Progress   Aug. 2-6, 2019

Full Work Week = Full Progress Aug. 2-6, 2019

After several holiday shortened weeks we had a full 5 day work week here at Naval Yachts and Team Möbius took full advantage to make great progress in the cabinetry, aluminium and plumbing work aboard XPM78-01.  Let’s go take a look and see.

IMG_20190904_110718Starting with our primary Aluminium team, Uğur and Nihat were busy with several different projects this past week.  They continued working on the remaining handrails such as this one that will be mounted ………
IMG_20190904_113454……… in the middle of the very aft end of the Aft Deck directly above where you see it here.
IMG_20190905_102607Like this. 

The WT door on the right is the entry into the Workshop and Engine Room areas and the smaller one on the left is the HazMat locker that is fully sealed off from the interior of the boat.  Möbius is a single fuel boat so no propane or gasoline onboard but this sealed storage provides the safest way to stow hazardous substances such as engine oil, diesel fuel, paints and any other potentially flammable, poisonous or dangerous materials.

IMG_20190906_181548As you can see the Swim Platform and Aft Deck areas are shaping up very nicely with the symmetric stairs on each side, the super strong double post cleats and now the handrails. 
IMG_20190904_150031They also finished up this additional handrail which creates one of the entry gates used when boarding from a side tie dock or when boarding to/from the Tender in some situations where there is too much motion to board safely on the Swim Platform. 
IMG_20190905_145759With these side gates much closer to the center of the boat there is much less differential between the motion of the boat, the Tender and the water and makes for safer boarding.
IMG_20190905_145645We modified the intake Sea Chest in the Engine Room a bit to position the large dual strainers closer to the ER walls to add a bit more clearance when walking around the Gardner engine so Yiğit quickly modeled up the changes and Nihat and Uğur soon had this version 2.0 all tacked up.

With such eXtremely large integral tanks capable of carrying up to 15,000 L / 3800 USG of fuel and 7100 L/1900 USG of water the position of the Waterline WL varies at different parts of a passage but always sits above the top of the these two supply pipes to keep them filled with water at all times. 

The round top flange is about 50cm/20” above the WL so its Lexan cover can be removed at any time to clean out any debris that might be sucked inside and also makes cleaning the insides very easy while still in the water.

Each of those short vertical inlet pipe will be threaded for a 50mm/2” ball valve that connects to one of these large Vetus strainers pictured below which then feed into a common manifold where all sea water consumers draw from.

Vetus strainerFTR190076_1 Having two independent sea water supplies if the active one should ever be clogged or otherwise stop working it is fast and easy to simply turn the other one on with a turn of the ball valve.  This Intake Sea Chest feeds consumers such as the various heat exchangers for the Gardner’s coolant, engine oil, CPP oil and then the wet exhaust.
IMG_20190902_102859Moving up to the Guest Cabin area we find more evidence of Uğur and Nihat’s handiwork as they cut open the stairs leading up to the SuperSalon to provide easy access to the various pipes and hoses using this area to join up along the Port hull side and through the WT Bulkhead into the Basement.

BTW, For those wondering, the red lines are from the laser level.

IMG_20190902_171529They welded a flat bar flange inside all the edges and then drilled and tapped a series of holes to refasten the cut-out stairs.  It would be rare that I need access to this area but you never know and so we make sure that all systems and equipment is readily accessible in the future.
IMG_20190902_103319Up on Aft Starboard deck the newly machined black Delrin bushings are being pressed in place ready for the solid pipe handrail assembly to be installed next and provide super strong and safe protection to this area and when moving up/down the stairs to the Swim Platform.
IMG_20190902_102736The 670L / 175 USG Day Tank is back in the Workshop laying on its side to show these new mounting tabs,
IMG_20190903_191552Which connect to matching tabs welded to the side of the ER Enclosure and along the back side to the three vertical WT Bulkhead stiffeners.  The neighboring portion of the Workbench is temporarily bolted in pace to make sure it all fits well with lots of clearance. 
The top and front of this Day Tank will soon be sprouting a set of fuel manifolds and ball valves which manage the various fuel supply and return lines from each of the 6 fuel tanks, the Gardner engine and Kabola diesel boiler.

IMG_20190902_102838Switching to wood cabinetry and moving into the Guest Cabin we find Omer and his team continuing to make great progress there.  They have the white epoxy coated grid all in place on the WT Bulkhead of the Basement and have just brought over the wall resting on its side here that will separate the Cabin from its Head/Bathroom.
IMG_20190902_102910This closeup of the bottom of this wall shows its hollow foam filled core construction which dramatically reduces the overall weight of our cabinetry.  The marine plywood is also a new super lightweight product which Naval has found and yielded the greatest cabinetry weight reduction. 

A few of these vertical voids are used to run electrical wires down to switches in the wall and the rest are filled with foam for added acoustic insulation.

IMG_20190904_113408Seen from up in the SuperSalon level looking Aft and Starboard provides this perspective.  If you look closely in the bottom right corner near the first stair tread, (click to enlarge any photo) you see how one of those walls above is now being test fit in place.
IMG_20190904_183335Stepping Starboard this angle shows the other wall as well which separates Christine’s Office desk area on the left from the Guest Shower on the right.
IMG_20190904_112056Cihan was too much of a moving target for me to catch in a photo this week but if we look closer at that Aft Starboard corner of the Galley we can see that he is busy installing the flexible insulated aluminium ducting which extracts the Basement air out to the Starboard Wing Box on the Aft Deck.
IMG_20190906_181122A bit later and back down outside the Guest Cabin we can peek through the doorway created by those two walls into the forward wall of the Guest Cabin to see how Omer now has the white epoxy coated 8mm plywood skin glued and screwed to the underlying grid of that upper stepped grid transition between the Galley cabinetry and the Guest Cabin. 
Along with the two stepped aluminium frames you see in these last four photos provides a very stiff and strong platform for mounting the cabinetry that attaches to both this Guest Cabin side and up in the Galley.

IMG_20190904_151940Turning 180 degrees to look across at the Aft Port corner of the Guest Cabin, Omer is showing Yiğit and me how the the bookshelf he has temporarily hung overtop where Christine’s desk will be, fits against that wall with the Guest Shower on the other side.  We were working out how the leather covered panel will snap into that light coloured upper half of the wall and fit around the bookshelf.
IMG_20190906_181156With those details all worked out Omer soon has the grid on that aft cabin wall all sheathed in plywood and he now prepares that inside corner for mounting Christine’s desk.
IMG_20190902_102947Lastly for today we find Ömer and Selim up front continuing to make great progress in the Master Cabin.  In the upper left background you can see that they have the wood grid in place along the Port side of the hull and they are now custom fitting the plywood cover for it.
IMG_20190902_103110Fits great and along with its matching lower panel and they provide a very solid substrate for mounting the cabinets, countertop and glass separator.  There will be similar cut outs in this upper panel as in the lower one to provide ready access to any pipes, wires and hoses running along the hull sides.
IMG_20190904_113238With the wall panels in place they quickly assembled the insert for the raised flooring to provide space for the drains under the shower and bathroom floors. 
The floors themselves will be two removable teak panels that are slightly convex so that water runs over all four edges onto the fiberglassed floor underneath and then out drains which to either overboard via the exiting Sea Chest or into the Grey Water holding tank in the Forepeak.  The two “missing” walls in the foreground will be made with two plates of floor to ceiling etched glass.

IMG_20190906_103725This angled plywood panel was cut and test fit in place and will now be used as a template to send out to the glass supplier.  This triangular glass half wall will separate the shower area from the counter and wall cabinets on the far side in the Head. 
IMG_20190906_103743Standing in the bathroom area looking up you can see how the divider glass panel is positioned just below this big hatch so that all those fresh breezes and light can flow into both spaces.
IMG_20190904_113303Next up they prepared this aft section of the Port hull for the wood grid.  The two horizontal lengths of marine ply are attached directly to the aluminium frames with bolts and adhesive to provide attachment points for the grid itself.
IMG_20190905_150050As with the rest of the interior these wood grids provide the secure framing to attach the marine plywood surfaces and create strong stiff wall surfaces for mounting cabinets and attaching the wall panels with FastMount clips.
Whew!  As you’ve seen a very busy and productive week thanks to all the super talented members of Team Möbius.

Several of you have been asking about the two youngest members of Team Möbius and Dincer was finally able to send me this shot of his three boys in the nearby playground; the  twins Yiğit and Mert in the swings being pushed by their big brother Demir.

Dincer, Baris, Yiğit and I will all be at the Cannes Boat Show all next week manning the Naval Yachts booth and checking out all the latest and greatest in power and sail boats at this big annual boat show.  Christine the the rest of Team Möbius will be holding down the fort here in Antalya and she will be the official blog photographer so rest assured that next week’s progress update will be ready for you as usual.

– Wayne