Boats are not the Only Thing Naval Yachts are Building

Boats are not the Only Thing Naval Yachts are Building

Lest you think that the building of our new boat Möbius is the only excitement over here in Antalya right now, it turns out that new boats are not the only thing Naval Yachts is building, they are also building a new building!  As in a new shipyard.

What you see in the photos here is the beginning of the new home of Naval Yachts with their brand new shipyard .  As you can see the previous building has been demolished and they have started laying the foundations for the new shipyard building.  This new site is only 2 blocks over from their current shipyard where we are busy getting going with the building of Möbius and promises to be one of the most innovative and forward thinking shipyards in the whole Free Zone here in Antalya Turkey.  In fact, it was because of the hard work and innovative thinking of Dincer and Baris Dinc, the two brothers who own and run Naval Yachts, that the Turkish government awarded them this entire block within the Free Zone as the winners of a close competition for the most innovative company.  With the synchronicity that seems to dominate my life, the building of Möbius  and the building of the new Naval Yachts shipyard both started at the same time.

I’ve taken a few more pictures over the past few days as the concrete work has progressed quickly as you can see below.

IMG_20171201_115818This is the current Naval Yachts building and shipyard and Möbius is being built in the bay behind the far left white door.  The door on the right of this photo leads into the reception area with offices on the floors above.  My new office, thanks to Baris and Dincer, is on the ground floor at the opposite end of reception and where I now go to work each day.

IMG_20171201_172323Moving just 2 blocks over however is this now empty lot after the previous building has been torn down and these metal barricades put up to enclose the new construction site.

Walking over to the diagonIMG_20171201_172137ally opposed corner you can see in the upper middle of the photo above I can show you this picture of the signage surround the construction site.

IMG_20180406_091410One of the signs is this rendering of what the new Naval Yachts shipyard will soon look like.  In the foreground of this rendering is the offices and some of the workshop areas and then behind this is a series of long bays for building future Naval boats and where Möbius will move once the new building is ready.  If you look really, really closely at this rendering you will see MiniMe versions of Baris and Dincer standing proudly in front of their future new home.

IMG_20180406_091419The other signage illustrates how Naval Yachts is comprised of three different divisions; Naval Studio which is focused on their work as naval architects and yacht designers,

IMG_20180406_091438Naval Yachts where they build high quality luxury yachts, and ….

IMG_20180406_091430GreeNaval where they focus on the design and building of hybrid and ultra efficient boats.  Up until now the GreeNaval yachts have all been electric powered hybrid boats whereas Möbius will be at the other end of the spectrum of energy efficiency using more traditional diesel power.  Yet with the careful combination of an extremely efficient hull design, engine and CPP propulsion system boats the likes of Möbius are able cross oceans consuming less fuel than the generators on a hybrid electric boat.  Two very different lines of boats for very different owners and uses but both on the same spectrum of ultra energy efficiency.

IMG_20180406_091519Work has been progressing rapidly in the weeks since those first shots of the empty lot above and on Monday this week (April 9, 2018) the digger had completed its work clearing the areas for the foundations, forms have been put in, rebar has been laid and ….

……. embedded PVC pipe runs for plumbing and wiring put in place.IMG_20180409_085232

IMG_20180412_095618Concrete work goes quickly so on the way in the Free Zone this morning, Thursday the 12th, I could see the concrete pumper was already on site

IMG_20180412_095614……………. obviously not his first time here as the first meter thick slab had already been poured a few days prior.

IMG_20180412_095611The workers in the background are busy wiring more rebar together to form vertical support posts for the floors above which will soon be surrounded by forms and ready for more concrete to be poured

You can now understand why, after quite literally searching the world for the Goldilocks “just right” boat builders to join forces with us and transform our visions and Dennis’ designs into reality, we chose Dincer and Baris and Naval Yachts to be our builders and transform our visions and models into a real boat.

Congratulations on all your hard work and the beginning of this new chapter of Naval Yachts Baris and Dincer.  Christine and I could not be more pleased for you nor be more happy for us in having found the just right builders and people to partner with on Project Goldilocks; the collaborative work of art and engineering named Möbius.