Well, the Cabinetry teams led by Ömür and Ömer clearly led the way progress wise this past week on XPM78-01 Möbius as many of the other team members are still being pulled away to help finish Legacy, the boat you saw being launched in last week’s posting.  However the other teams were able to contribute to the week’s progress with more wiring, plumbing and aluminium work so let’s start with them and finish up with all the cabinetry work. 

IMG_20190923_101602Exciting new development up in the Master Cabin as Mummy got busy with the installation of the rigid EPS foam to insulate the finished floors from the aluminium tank tops.   10mm / 3/8” marine plywood will
IMG_20190923_101611You’ve seen the white epoxy coated wood framing go in a long whiles back and now you can see how the floor system will work with the 50mm blue EPS foamboard filling in the spaces between the 50mm high boards.
IMG_20190923_143046Mummy makes quick work of this jig saw puzzle of foam making sure they all fit nice and tight so there isn’t any gaps for air to circulate.
IMG_20190925_093306They put in construction plywood walk ways to keep the foam clean and flat and next step will be to cut the grooves for the PEX tubing to be pressed into which will cary all that lovely warm water to heat these floors when we are in colder climates.
IMG_20190923_101411Same process is repeated in the Guest Cabin area aft. If you look near the top of this photo (click to enlarge any photo) you will see the yellowy epoxy that has been poured into all the lower channels between the welded tank tops to create a flat level surface for the foamboard, and then the white 50mm high wood framing around the edges of each tank access port.
IMG_20190923_101421Same thing happening here in the corridor outside the Guest Cabin where Wayne’s Workshop #2 will be against the Port hull on the left.  I’m standing in the WT doorway into the main Workshop and Engine Room behind me looking forward to the stairs leading up to the SuperSalon.

Entry into the Guest Cabin on the right.
IMG_20190924_100311Peeking back into the Guest Cabin we find Yesim and Ömer and part of Hakan’s back on the far right, working through some construction details for what will be Christine’s Office Desk mostly out of site on the far right.
IMG_20190924_100330Hmmmmm, what do you think this strange looking assembly is? 

Some kind of chair for Goldilocks to sit in?
IMG_20190924_100316Curiouser and curiouser!  The back folds down and the bottom pulls out??
IMG_20190923_101901_1Will it help if you see this photo from the back as Ömer was building it?
IMG_20190923_101930Or this close up of how the slides work?

You certainly get full marks if you guessed that this is a mock up of the pull out Queen Bed in the Guest Cabin. 
Office desk across couchWhen pushed in and folded up it is in “couch mode” as you see on the left and then when pulled out the cushions unfold into the Queen sized bed.  It is an idea I’ve had for a long time and this is the perfect application and we are all eXtremely happy with the way this is going to work.  Stay tuned as Omer builds and installs the real one!
IMG_20190925_145323Ömür and Selim have also been eXtremely busy working on the cabinetry for the Galley which is very eXciting to see.
MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (4)This birds eye view of the SuperSalon will help orient you to this space with the Galley in the upper right corner.
MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (6)Looking across out the Starboard/Right side windows let’s you see how the Galley cabinetry will look and help you make more sense of the following photos of these being built.
IMG_20190927_100844This is the end face of the cabinet on the right in the photo above with these beautiful big radiused corners made out of solid Rosewood.
IMG_20190923_102028This is how those corners are made by arranging three 20mm / 3/4” thick Rosewood around a solid Beech core.
IMG_20190925_145337Just to make Ömür’s life even more difficult he has to machine the tops of these corners to create the built in hand holds that run throughout the boat and just below the countertops in the Galley.
IMG_20190925_145319The bottom edges have to be machined out as well and then the corner columns are glued to the flat side board with biscuits along that glued edge for added strength.
IMG_20190926_095724Once the glue has dried and clamps removed this end assembly is flipped over to be cleaned up and prepped for next stage of being joined with another similar side of this cabinet.  This is showing the bottom floor end of the cabinet to show a bit more detail of the inserts between the 3 pieces of Rosewood.
IMG_20190927_100902Standing upright now, Ömür has attached the inner wall of this cabinet end piece which reveals the inner workings of how the handgrip area wraps around the outside and the solid edged plywood forms the inside of the cabinet where the drawers will slide in and out of.  We have no above countertop cabinets to take advantage of the 360 degrees of glass in the SuperSalon and all below countertop cabinets are all various size drawers.
IMG_20190927_100816Elsewhere in the Cabinet shop hundreds of other pieces begin their journey to becoming the Galley and SuperSalon furniture.  These are interior connectors inside the drawer cabinets made from strips of the super lightweight marine plywood being used for all the interiors and now laminated with Beech veneer.
IMG_20190927_100719Some of their cousins are a bit different with solid Rosewood being laminated to the plywood backing and being “gang clamped” o the thick board below to ensure they all stay perfectly flat.
IMG_20190927_100733Still in the family on the next bench over some of the miles of Rosewood veneer is out of the heated lamination press …..
IMG_20190927_100745……… and ready to have their solid edges trimmed and shaped.
IMG_20190926_095801Like this.
IMG_20190924_171458Down on the floor, reminding me a bit of underwater coral gardens I’m missing so much, we find this group of panels having their solid edging glued on prior to shaping and being laminated.
IMG_20190923_192354For a bit of added colour, look what was waiting outside my door when I finally got home from the yard on Monday night.  This is the all glass hand painted sink that goes into our Master Cabin to compliment the matching oval shaped one you might remember seeing a few weeks ago.  Wait till you see what these look like set onto the luxuriously varnished Rosewood!
IMG_20190926_135346Hilmi our electrician managed to get away from working on Legacy long enough to complete the wiring of this other junction box in the Guest Cabin which connects all the DC circuits for lights and DC outlets.
IMG_20190926_135012And Cihan was similarly able to get enough time to install these hot and cold water manifolds on the Starboard side of the Guest Cabin. Very nice arrangement that keeps all these ball valves in once easily accessed place behind the slide out bed you saw the beginnings of above.
IMG_20190926_135020Each of the red handled PVC ball valves makes the transition from the larger PPR/PVC supply lines which are now fully encased in thick black EPDM foam insulation, to the black 15mm / 5/8” PEX connectors for each individual consumer such as sinks, showers, toilets, etc..
IMG_20190926_164724Feeling a bit neglected, I gave Mr. Gee our Gardner 6LXB main engine, a bit of attention and will be doing much more in the next few weeks.
IMG_20190926_163736Right now I am measuring him up for the new serpentine belt pulley systems I’m designing which will drive the sea water pump that cools the various heat exchangers for the Gardner’s engine oil, fresh water coolant, Nogva CPP gear box and then the wet exhaust.
IMG_20190924_100822Not to be forgotten or outdone, Uğur and Nihat were busy as usual this past week on aluminium based jobs such as finishing up the stanchions.  As you’ve seen the stanchion posts are all made from thick walled 40mm / 1.5” AL pipe with their bases captured in Delrin lined AL pipe sockets which are through welded to the beefy 10mm / 3/8” thick Rub Rails which run along all the outer corners of the deck.
IMG_20190924_100836Now they are busy adding the AL through pipes that the Dyneema lifelines will slide through.
IMG_20190924_100901Then the tops of each stanchion are capped off with these spherical end caps.
IMG_20190924_100906Which will be welded in place and ground smooth to be very easy on the hands.
IMG_20190924_112030These two shots looking aft from the bow area let you see how we combine stanchions with railings.

Tops of the railings and stanchions are unusually high at 1m / 40” for added safety and once the Dyneema lifelines are all in place it will create a fully enclosed deck area that will be very safe to walk around in any conditions. 
IMG_20190924_112006However we have also setup the boat’s systems such that there should never be any need to be out on the decks in rough weather as everything can be looked after from inside either the Pilot House or SkyBridge.
IMG_20190924_112119These four stanchions keep the aft Swim Platform similarly safe when we are on passage, though again, rarely any need to venture out here when conditions are rough and it is best to stay up on the Aft Deck.

You can see the swim ladder in the middle and the lifelines between those middle two stanchions will have pelican hooks to serve as a gate. 
IMG_20190924_112233Additionally all four stanchions are also removable so when we are at anchor we can take them all off for even easier access when diving off the Swim Platform or boarding from the Tender.
IMG_20190926_182619To keep the very aft end of the Aft Deck very safely enclosed this handrail sets into the same Delrin lines sockets as the stanchions.
IMG_20190926_182627For even more safety and rigidity of this aft handrail, this short connector was added to join the railing to the side of the doghouse entranceway into the Workshop.  We bolted it on so that the handrail can be easily removed if there as ever the need to load large items on/off the Aft Deck.

And that’s the week that was September 23-27, 2019.  Hard to believe that tomorrow is October first already!

Captain Christine is in Florida for the rest of the month and I’ll be flying back to join her, Dincer and Baris there for the Ft. Lauderdale Boat show and most importantly for some Grampa time with our grandson Liam and later a quick trip out to LA to get time with Blair and Brynn our two Granddaughters there and a real quick trip up to Vancouver to see our son Skyler and other friends and family in BC.  Until then though it is just Ruby, Barney and I holding down the fort and they now come to work with me each day at Naval.  As you can see from the past week every day and most evenings are VERY full and busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for taking the time to join me here and please do keep all your comments, questions and ideas coming by putting them in the “Join the Discussion” box below.

See you next week.