The heat was way up all this week both inside the building and outside.  Like most parts of the world apparently we had quite a heat wave this past week with daytime highs often getting over 40 degrees.  That’s over 100 for you Fahrenheit types.  Not the best week to chose to really up the amount of MIG welding going on inside but that’s the way it worked out and the boys at Naval never missed a beat.  This was also one of those weeks where the progress is not so visibly obvious as much of the work was going on inside the hull and out of site as Sezgin and the other welders were busy laying down all the welds where the hull panels are in place and the stringers and frames can be welded to them.  As you’ve seen in previous posts and you’ll see if you look closely at some of the pictures below showing these inside areas, the welds are not continuous but done in about 100mm/4” lengths alternating on each side.  This is done to minimize the distortion caused by the heat of welding and has been working out very well.  And this week also brought the milestone of the first continuous welds on the exterior of the hull panels.

And Christine had a fun side trip with some friends to the awemazing ancient theatre of Aspendos so check that out at the end.

But enough words on on with the show!

IMG_20180702_170257As per the title the most visible progress this week was on getting the aft swim platform plated.

PGL sketch 82To help with your visualisation of this area here is quick & dirty rendering of the swim platform.  Stairs will provide additional storage underneath or “inside” from them, the opening to Port/left of the stairs is the fully sealed HazMat locker which will have a WT door on it for storing diesel, oil, paint, thinners, propane, etc. all outside of the boat.  WT door Stbd/Right of the stairs is the entrance into the Workshop and Engine Room and the two boxes on either side are for storage and seating.  Platform is 1.2m/4’ long and 2.6m/8.5’ wide so should make getting on and off the Tender and in and out of the water very safe and easy.  There will be the option of putting stanchions and lifelines along the aft edge to make it more secure if someone might want to be down there while underway hauling in a big Mahi Mahi.

IMG_20180702_170142Back to the real and upside down world you can see the 6mm plate for the platform being lifted into place.

IMG_20180702_170221This manual jack with a board clamped to it is used to push the swim platform plate up tight against the stringers and Uğur tacks it in place.

IMG_20180703_125819If you go back and look at the rendering above you can see how the hull sides make an angled transition around the aft corner and down to the Swim Platform.  The piece you see here is about to be tacked in place along the aft edge of the hull plates.

IMG_20180703_170829Like this. 

As per the rendering there are many more pieces which make this transition and form the seat boxes so you’ll be seeing that take shape in the next posting.

IMG_20180705_135624Meanwhile, inside Sezgin is hard at work as ever laying down miles of weld. 
IMG_20180706_150434If you click to enlarge this photo you can see on those vertical stiffeners how the welds are not continuous but done in about 100mm/4” lengths which alternate on each side to minimize the movement in the AL plate from the heat of the welding. 
IMG_20180706_150453If you stop and think about how many lengths of stringers, frames, stiffeners and bars there are in Möbius you will get a feel for how there are literally nautical miles of weld going in.

Each of which has to be cleaned before and after the welding is complete. 

Team Mobius here at GreeNaval are doing awemazing work!

IMG_20180706_150622Here is a peek into what will be some additional long term storage area underneath the Swim Platform.  Lots of space that can be easily access from the Workshop and is completely sealed with no penetrations on the Swim Platform to preclude any water getting in.  Probably a good spot for the four spare CPP prop blades for example.

That large hole in in the bottom left corner is where the eXtremely large rudder tube extends through the rudder shelf you can see running from side to side where the steering cylinders will be mounted.
IMG_20180706_103146As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we also had a new milestone this week with the first continuous welds on the exterior hull plating.  Sezgin is truly a master welder.

These exterior welds above the waterline will be carefully ground down flush and flat with hull plates but all other welds will be left to show off their natural beauty.

PGL sketch 74Looking ahead and while we are waiting for the 3D curved hull plates to arrive, construction of the upper super structure can begin marking another stage of construction.  The roof section in front of the SkyBridge holds three of the 14 solar panels and the SkyBridge bimini roof will hold 8 more.  Should enable us to enjoy weeks on the hook in complete silence.

Port side from waterThese two quick renderings will show you how this looks and how the aluminium superstructure will provide the solid framework for all that window glass and form the roof and SkyBridge above.

IMG_20180706_173810Here you see Uğur and Umit are taking together one of the upper frame pieces which will form the roof of the Pilot House.This will form the roof of the raised Pilot House with the SkyBridge on top of that.

Aspendos theatreAnd meanwhile back in Christine’s world she had a fun trip to the ancient city that begat modern Antalya and the nearby Aspendos theatre.

IMG_9083Two sailing friends, Chuck and Patty on sv Soulmates have been docked here in Antalya for the past 2 weeks and we’ve had several chances to spend time with them.

IMG_9081I will let the pictures speak for themselves but this will help you understand more of the reasons we chose to build Möbius in this awemazing area.

So that is the week that was July 2-6, 2018 for us.

As always here is your quick video summary for this week.

Thanks for joining us and be sure to leave your questions and ideas in the Comments section below.