The big visible change this week was putting the plating or “skin” on the skeg that protrudes down at the aft end of the hull to house and protect the propeller shaft and also provide protection for the CPP Controllable Pitch Propeller itself and the rudder.  However there was also much work elsewhere that just isn’t as obvious as the finished welding continues unabated on the inside finishing up all the baffles in all the tanks that make up all the area below the waterline.  This is also in prep for welding the top plates on the tanks and getting them all in place so that all the 14 individual tanks, water and diesel, can be pressure tested for any leaks before all the access ports are added and then retested.

With Christine away doing more research for her new book series in Beirut and Doha all this week I was able to spend the time to create a guided walkthrough tour of Möbius such as she is right now as many of you have been asking for this.  So there are links to two YouTube videos at the end of this post, one the usual time lapse overview of the progress this week and the other a guided tour narrated by yours truly.  I am also working at learning a new video editing software that should enable me to do a better job of annotating and creating better videos so let me know what you like and what you do NOT like about the changes you’ll see.

IMG_20181014_135628[3]One lovely change was having my cousin Lynda, staying shaded under that fashion setting blue hat, come in to visit us for a week from her home in Biel/Bienne Switzerland.  Christine was only here for the weekend before she flew out to Beirut but it was a wonderful visit.

IMG_20181014_140103This beautiful waterfall is rather unique coming over the cliffs right into the ocean and doing so right in the center of Antalya right near the old original town center and port.  We spent the day driving and walking throughout Antalya and getting to know this wonderful city better and better and liking it more and more.

Meanwhile back at Naval Yachts on Monday morning Team Möbius was hard at it and here is the overview of all their progress this week of October 15 to 19 ……………….

Prop Tunnel Skeg UprightFirst a quick look at rough rendering to help you visualise this aft portion of the hull to the Skeg and Prop Tunnel in green 12mm / 1/2” plate and the prop and rudder aft of that.


This is where what the framework of the Skeg looked like at the beginning of this week, all ready to be skinned with 12mm / 1/2” plate such as the one you see leaning against the aft end of the skeg here.


First though, the rest of the prop tunnel plates need to be tacked in place as the Skeg plates butt up against these.


Uğur and Nihat use a crank jack with different lengths of angle iron attached to press these carefully curved plates into just right alignment


and then tack them in place.


The other side gets the same treatment


Then the Skeg is plated over and the Skeg is now complete and ready for Sezgin to come in and do all the final welding.


It is difficult to capture in a single photo so be sure to watch the videos at the end to see how all these different surfaces of the hull, the prop tunnel and the foil shaped Skeg all make the transition from one to the next to create these beautiful complex curves.  A think of beauty and a testament to the craftsmanship of the plate benders and all of Team Möbius who transformed all of Dennis’s design work in producing the 3D model into this reality.


IMG_20181018_113915I climbed up into the Engine Room area to get this shot of what it all looks like from this top down perspective.  You can also appreciate how complex the eXtremely robust framing needs to be in this area in particular.  This very aft end of the boat will have aluminium floor planks set in place to create a stand-up Workshop area that I can’t wait to start using and enjoying.


Moving forward from the Workshop and Engine room area, past the Guest Cabin and Christine’s office allows us to see the work going on in the Basement area under the SuperSalon floor.  As with all the area below the WL it is all tanks and Umit is busy cleaning up all the top surfaces prepping them for the tank top plates which are waiting to be welded in to completely close in all the tanks.


Moving up into the SuperSalon area above and looking down through this large hatch into the Basement you can see some of the tank top plates in position and being tacked in place.  The slots all line up with the centerline of the flat bars underneath on top of each baffle so they can be welded together and then the whole perimeter of each plate is welded to close and seal the tanks completely.


Enver on the right and Uğur are carefully positioning each tank top plate and tacking them in place.  The three large bays you see running down the centerline of the Basement will become the battery boxes for the 24 individual 2V volt battery cells which make up our 54kWh battery bank.  The battery boxes will have the same 6mm aluminium plate bolted on top to keep them sealed up in case any water should get into the Basement and then each box is also vented to keep air flowing through to help keep the batteries cool.  This massive amount of lead in these batteries, all 1640kg / 3615 lbs of it, is actually a “feature not a bug” as they go all the way down alongside the keel bar and act as part of our ballast.  These are all Gel type batteries so fully sealed and require no maintenance so I don’t imagine I will need to remove their top plates more than once a year or so for annual inspection.

And that’s the week that was October 15 to 19 here at Naval Yachts in Antalya Turkey.  As I noted above there are two videos for you this week, the first is the usual weekly update time lapse video, though I have included last week’s videos to make up for not getting them into the last post.

Then there is a longer 15 minute guided tour of both the completed Skeg and full walking tour of the deck, Pilot House and SkyBridge.

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for spending your valuable time joining us.

As I mentioned at the beginning I’ve been learning and using some new software, Cyberlink Power Director 16, to help me improve my videos so please do let me know what you like and don’t like about these latest videos and the changes from the videos in previous posts.  You can add these along with any questions or suggestions in the “Join the Discussion” box below.