This was a four day work week here in Antalya as Monday was a national holiday so a few less hours this week but I’ve still got LOTS of new things to show you as our brilliant interior designer Yeşim created more renderings of her designs for the Guest Cabin and Christine’s Office. 

Christine and I took advantage of the long weekend to take some dear fellow sailing friends who were staying with us for the week from their current home in Barcelona, out to see one of our favorite summer spots in this area, Köprülü Kanyon.  I will let the following few photos show you why:

Related imageLess than 2 hour drive from our apartment and the shipyard takes you up this fabulous river canyon to this ancient bridge built before Roman times and while narrow is plenty strong to drive across.
Roman Bridge enteringHere was our view of that same bridge from down on the water in our inflatable river raft paddles at the ready.

Not quite what most people picture when they think of Turkey.
heading to waterfallsOur excellent and very strong guide Baris, literally pulled us UPSTREAM against this current by scrambling along those vertical stone walls on the left with a rope from the raft in his teeth!
Group in front of waterfallSure glad he did as this is what was one of several waterfalls literally coming out the sides of the canyon walls as we travelled upstream.
Gozleme lunchWe stopped along the way to enjoy one of our many favorite Turkish delights, Gözleme!. 

Thanks for such a great visit Annabelle, Sophie and Maurice!!

Tuesday it was back to work for all of us so let’s jump right in by looking at what’s been new this week onboard the good ship Möbius.

IMG_20190718_174937Hmmmmmm ………..

Can you guess what these three are working on?
IMG_20190718_103039There is a similar smaller one leaning up against the wall of the SuperSalon if that helps?
IMG_20190718_102313Aha!  It is upside down and on the floor in the first picture and now we see that this is the plate with all the vent ducts that direct the fresh air flowing into that huge air vent formed by the hinged solar panels up on the front angled edge of the roof overhead.
IMG_20190718_174401With this plate removed you can see how it closes off this space above to create a nice plenum that creates a bit of a high pressure area as the breezes funnel their way into this smaller space and is then forced out through each of those five 100mm / 4” vent ducts.

The smaller plate closes off the plenum at the very front overtop the Helm station and chair.
PH Vent Tunnel under solar panelsI’ve created he following quick renderings to help show how these two natural vent systems work.  The largest volume of air into the SuperSalon will come in while we are at anchor through a vent funnel that is formed by these three blue solar panels shown here in closed/passage making position. All 3 panels fit into a single large frame which is hinged at the top/aft edge where it meets the short glass panels at the front of the SkyBridge.
PH Vent Tunnel with solar panels offRemoving this frame of solar panels you can see the large green mist eliminator vent.  Now imagine the frame of solar panels being propped up about 300mm/12” at the front edge by the red handrail and you see how the opening this forms is a perfect tunnel that captures any breeze coming over the bow when we are anchored and funnels it back through the green demister grill vent and down into that larger plenum you see being built in the photos above.
Underside PH Vent under overhangDropping the rendering camera down to foredeck level and looking up under the overhang of the Pilot House roof you can see the series of red slots which similarly funnel the air in the high pressure zone of air trapped in that upper corner between the negatively raked front glass and the roof overhang. 
IMG_20190718_103100This air runs through another mist eliminator grill on the inside and then fills up the forward plenum above Uğur’s head as he preps this plenum for the 2nd smaller plate to be bolted in place.

Nihat is drilling and tapping the holes for the countersunk SS bolts which will secure and seal the aft plate to the ceiling.
IMG_20190718_174337The individual vent tubes extend up into the plenum about 150mm / 6” and will have adjustable lids on their tops to close off the vent pipes completely if needed and they also work similar to the Dorade Vents you’ve seen in previous postings to prevent any water that might make its way in here from getting into the SuperSalon and instead being drained off to the outside.

Image result for imperial dr-04 round diffuserThis shot borrowed from the Imperial diffuser company web site shows how this will be finished off nicely inside the SuperSalon.  The upper part of the PVC diffuser fits inside the aluminium vent pipe, the upholstered ceiling panels is snapped into the ceiling grid and then the bottom half of the PVC diffuser click/snaps in place.  The air flow volume and direction of air entering through each of these diffusers can be adjusted by turning the center disc.  This allows us to easily increase or decrease the amount of air flowing in and ensures that there is never a blast of air coming straight down on your head.
IMG_20190718_174831Moving forward into our Master Cabin Cihan has been busy installing these hoses that carry away any water that collects in the gutter around the deck hatches and drains it off to the side and out a pipe welded through the hull just below the Rub Rails.
IMG_20190718_102119Up above on deck Mehmet with Sezgin below, is checking these hatch gutter drains for any leaks by filling them with water from that white can.
IMG_20190717_104147Down in the Basement Cihan has now got the water lines for the four large potable water tanks below the floor in the Master Cabin routed through the Basement on their way to the main potable water manifold in the aft Workshop where the water maker and house pressure water pumps are also located.  You can see how well these perforated aluminium trays work to keep each hose and wire fully supported and neatly organised, just like they do for all the wires and cables.

The two black and red diaphragm pumps in the background are some of the series of low water bilge pumps that suck up any moisture that might gather in the gutters created by the angled margin plates that connect the tank tops to the sides of the hull plates and thus run down all sides of each interior compartment.

OK, that covers what’s new this week on Möbius in the very real worlds of all the aluminium, hoses, wires and ducting, now let’s go get virtual with Yeşim as she generates some renderings of the initial interior design work she and Christine have been doing for the aft Guest Cabin which also doubles as Christine’s Office.

011 Guest Cabin CK Office Layout labelledFirst for orientation, here is the 2D General Arrangement or “GA” drawing of Möbius showing the area we are focusing on now.
012 Interior GA inboard profile COLORED TANKAGEThis profile drawing will let you see how the upper level of the SuperSalon relates to the Master Cabin in front and the Guest Cabin aft.
In the previous progress update post “Shhhh Here is an Early Sneak Peek of the Interior of Mobius” you saw some of the very first renderings of the Guest Cabin and here is the next round which now includes renders of the shower, head/bathroom and my little office workbench area in the corridor outside the Guest Cabin.

Corridor workbench   StairsFor this rendering we have descended the stairs from the SuperSalon, walked to the end of the corridor leading to the WT door into the Engine Room and Workshop and turned around in the Workshop doorway to see this workbench/desk running along the Port/Left side of the hull.  This will be my little office and more so my “clean” workbench area for things like my 3D printer, electronics work and so on and I am more than just a little bit eXcited when I imagine working here.

The cabinets down the left side of the stairs will be where the aft electrical distribution panel will go and the door on the right opens into the aft Head/WC.  To get this rendering the shower where the camera would now be sitting has been removed.
Guest ShowerTo see that shower let’s move forward and step into the Head doorway and turn around to look aft down the corridor to that WT Workshop door you see the aft end of my workbench on the right.  With the large 700mm / 28” hatch overhead you can almost feel the fresh air and sun inviting you into this beautiful shower.  Important to keep our guest fresh, clean and happy right?!
Master Cabin HeadWalk into the shower and turn around 180 and you get to see the equally beautiful Guest Head/Bathroom.  We’ve been working more on getting this important space just right this weekend and we will show you the latest changes next week.
Entry to Guest Cabin Head ShowerCompleting the tour of this corridor area let’s get rid of my workbench/office and step back into that space to look across the corridor into the entryway into the Guest Cabin. 
Doors into the Head is on the left and shower on the right, WT door into the ER/Workshop on the far right.  Stairs on the left lead up to the SuperSalon and then turn 180 to go up the next flight to the Aft Deck.

Our Horizon Line Handhold continues throughout all these spaces as you can see to ensure there is always a secure hand hold at all times for all heights of people and continues our theme of wood/earth below the Horizon Line with clouds and sky above.
Guest Head Shower wo WallsCutting out the corridor wall above allows us to see the layout of the Head and Shower areas on either side of the entryway into the Guest Cabin.
Christine Desk & CouchStepping into that doorway above with our very wide angle lens shows us the basic layout of the Guest Cabin with the fold down Queen bed/couch at the far end and fold down Pullman berth above.  Christine’s desk and bookshelves on the right with more on the upper left.
Guest Cabin Forward WallRemoving Christine’s desk let’s us get this shot looking forward on the boat to the see the bookshelves and closet.
Office desk across couchDoing the same trick from the other side let’s us look aft and get this full shot of Christine’s desk and work area with the two big hatches overhead.
WhatsApp Image 2019-07-16 at 11.03.14And we complete our tour of the Guest Cabin by momentarily deleting the couch/bed and looking across to the entryway door with the Shower to the left and Head to the right.  We have actually gotten rid of this door and instead will have the door on the Head also serve double duty as the door to close off the entryway into the Guest Cabin. 

These “two in one” doors are great examples of how we often use elimination as a design tool to create better solutions and KISS or Keep It Safe & Simple designs.  In this case instead of up to four doors in this one area we have just two which is so much more efficient use of space and a more effective design.

That’s a wrap for the week that was July 16 to 19, 2019 here at Naval Yachts and we’ll see you again next week to bring you up to speed in the next run of this awemazing adventure we are on.

Thanks for joining us and PLEASE be sure to add your questions, comments and ideas in the “Join the Discussion” box below.

– Wayne