And now for something different, here is the Special Edition of the usual weekly progress updates to give you an early Sneak Peek at how the SuperSalon and Guest Cabin area are shaping up.  To do that we will leave the reality of the shipyard and cabinetry shop and take a short trip into the virtual world of CAD renderings all compliments and thanks to our brilliant interior designer Yesim. 

Yesim would want me to emphasise that the renderings below are at a very early stage of the interior design process where we are still finalising the dimensions and layout of some of the interior elements in the SuperSalon and Guest Cabin as well as different materials and textures.  There are lots of items and details missing at this stage as we are just interested in getting an overall sense of how layouts and materials will look and work.

Using 3D Max software Yesim is able to take photos of the material samples we chose such as the Rosewood, upholstery fabrics, leather and flooring and then “maps” these onto the different surfaces in model.  It is a great way to try out all these variations in this virtual space before we start ordering the materials and building it all in the workshops.  We are also able to setup the renderings for different times of day/night for different lighting and in later stages we are also able to turn on the virtual lights inside to see how they will light up the interior.

While it is very early and Yesim wanted to do much more work on the model, the lighting and the renders before sharing them widely, I thought you would enjoy this early sneak peek of how the SuperSalon is shaping up.  In some of the renderings we we will take advantage of this virtual world to remove some parts of the room to be able to show you more of the space so please use all of this to help to create your own mental model of how our layout will work.  Lastly before we jump in, remember you can click to enlarge ny photo in any of these blog posts.

General Arrangements:

Let’s start by getting you oriented with the general arrangement of the interior spaces and the overall layout of the boat.

011 Interior GA plan Rev CHere is an overhead plan view of the upper deck level and Super Salon.

012 Interior GA inboard profile COLORED TANKAGEAnd this profile view will add to your understanding of how the different levels and interior spaces are laid out.

Now let’s move inside and switch over to some renderings to give you a better sense of the interior.

Master Cabin

Before I get to the new parts of the interior, let me start by going back a bit by showing the interior of the Master Cabin which many of you have already seen as we have already featured this area in several recent blog posts as they cabinetry for the Master Cabin is being built.  This will save you from having to go back to these earlier posts and also help those who have not read the previous blog posts.

03This is the view you are greeted with as you enter the Master Cabin via the circular stairs leading down from the SuperSalon.  The King sized bed is on your left and sits about 1m / 3’  off the floor with a full set of large drawers in this large base. 

The outer two walls of the shower are etched glass to allow all the light and breezes in from that big 700mm / 28” square overhead hatch.  Being over the shower also means we can leave this hatch open in the rain if we want to supplement the fresh air coming in via the four Dorade Vents no matter what the weather.  The head/toiled in the far left corner of this render on the other side of those slatted walls and there is a vanity sink on center at the far end of this view up against the WT Bulkhead with the Forepeak on the other side.

Not quite visible here, on your right as you enter is a full height wardrobe and then the leather covered bureau of drawers you see here on the right.

01Standing in front of the Vanity sink with the shower and head on your right this view shows the end of the bed with one of its drawer stacks.

On the left side of this view there are a series of full height cupboards which also contain the washer and dryer and then as you move aft towards the entry door with its full length mirror, you have the very tall bureau of leather covered drawer and then a full height wardrobe to the left of the mirrored entry door.

02Stepping forward to the corner of the glass shower walls this view shows more of the Port/Right side of the Master Cabin with the large bureau of drawers and sculpture display on the left and some steps on the right side of the bed to a raised floor that makes getting in and out of that side of the bed easy as is making the bed.  This floor area has also been just right sized to also serve as a very safe “bunk” to sleep in very heavy seas where you are safely contained on both sided.

04Standing up on those stairs looking across the bed towards the entry door gives you a better view of the Port side layout with a beautiful 3D sculpture of a Möbius Strip hanging in the dedicated space above the bureau of drawers.  The white version in this rendering is a temporary stand-in which will actually be a phenomenal work of art which our niece Lindsay has made specially for us.

The large 700mm / 28” square hatch above the bed provides both lots of light and fresh breezes as well as star gazing at night.

But that is all SO last week and so real!  Let’s jump into the virtual future with a look at some renderings of the other two primary living spaces aboard; the SuperSalon and the Guest Cabin.


MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (4)It is a bit distorted but this wide angled overhead shot of the SuperSalon will help orient you to this eXtremely beautiful and spacious open plan area which is where we will spend the majority of our time aboard.  I think you can also see how the name SuperSalon became self evident.  Distance from the front window to aft is about 7m / 23’ and about 4m / 13’ width between the side windows.

Starting over on the far right side of this rendering above, the eXtremely large Galley is on your right as you come down the stairs after entering the SuperSalon through the WT door on the Aft Deck.  As you reach the bottom of the stairs the four unit fridge/freezer cabinet is on your left and if you turn further to your left you go down the second circular stairs leading down to the Guest Cabin and the corridor to the Workshop/Engine Room. 

In the upper center area is the L shaped dinette and in the top left corner are the other circular stairs which take you down into the Master Cabin.  The table can be moved on both the X and Y axis with a single handle under the table to position it wherever you like and the pedestal also lowers and raises to adjust between eating height and coffee table height or can go down flush with the seat bases to create an additional sleeping area which we sometimes like to use when on very rough passages and we want both the on and off watch person to be nearby.

The helm chair and Main Helm station is at the far left and then a large open area is our reading and relaxing Lounge area with those two inviting Eames Lounge chairs.

Layout of the Main Helm Station is very much in flux as we refine the list of screens, controls and switches that will be mounted there.  Currently we are thinking of having a pair of 20” touch screens mounted side by side in the forward center of the Helm Station with other controls, keyboards and smaller displays mounted in front for things like autopilot heads, AIS, Radar, jog levers, etc.  The steering wheel will not be in place most of the time as it would only be used to turn the manual hydraulic steering pump in case of a full failure of every one of the many other steering systems we have.

MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (2)Standing in about the center of the SuperSalon looking forward provides a good sense of how fabulous the views are going to be through all those 360 degrees of windows.  The Helm Chair will be on tracks set into the floor so it can be moved fore and aft about a meter to position it just right both when one of us is running the boat on a passage from here as well as when we are at anchor and want to just use it as a comfy chair or move it back and rotate it to be part of the dinette table seating.

The large 50” monitor to the left of the Helm Chair will be on an articulated arm so it can swing in/out/up as well as be moved back into the cabinet.  It will be be very multi functional being used to display chart, radar and boat data when we are underway and can then be used to watch movies and see photos from the day when we are anchored.  There is also a remote “Walk About” controller (wired) at both this and the SkyBridge helms so you can run the boat from pretty much any position that is most advantageous to the conditions.

The 40” monitor on the left will be most often display all our multiple views of boat related data, charts, Radar, etc. as its location has been optimized for viewing when seated in the Helm Chair.

The angled half wall to the right of the Helm chair will provide easy access to switches and circuit breakers mounted within easy reach of the helm chair for all the circuits typically needed on passage and when docking.

MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (5)Using our magic wand “hide” feature in the software we have made the Galley and the Fridge/Freezer cabinet that would normally be to the left of the lounge chairs disappear for this rendering looking out the forward Port side windows will and providing a better sense of the Lounge and Helm areas. 

I’ve long admired the work of Ray and Charles Eames and so I think this is the perfect space for two of their iconic Eames Lounge chairs for eXtremely comfy reading or watching movies at night.  These chairs can be moved around when at anchor and then have tie downs in the floor to secure them when underway.

The stairs just visible on the bottom left go down to the Guest Cabin and the stairs leading down into our Master Cabin are on the opposite side on the right. 

Note that the ceiling is just a blank right now and the flooring is actually very textured vinyl planking rather than the glossy version that crept into this rendering.  Lots of great grip and feels good on your bare feet.

MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (6)Turning to the right the Galley magically reappears and lets us see this perspective looking out the Starboard side windows.  You can see how the Horizon Line runs throughout the SuperSalon although we have removed it from the table edge and under the dinette seats and will instead have it run along the tops of the seat cushions at the same level as elsewhere in the Galley.

MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (1)Standing in the very front Port/Left side looking aft you can see how the Dinette area will be such a marvelous vantage point when weather and conditions motivate us to eating inside.  There is a bit of the Galley’s marble countertop behind the right end of the seat cushion making it easy to pass food and drinks back and forth.  The Fridge/Freezer cabinet is on the far right just behind the Eames Lounge chair.

MOBIUS_SALOON_RENDER (3)Using the magic wand again to make the Dinette seating invisible lets us peer into three of the four sides of the spacious Galley with the Bosch Speed Oven below and the 4 burner induction cook top above.  All the other cabinetry below the marble countertops will be different sizes of drawers as we find the so much more functional than doors and shelves.  Countertop will be cut from a truly gorgeous slab of 20mm / 3/4” thick marble we found in a local quarry.

Even more storage space for dishes and food is in the cabinets or “Garages” as we tend to refer to them sitting atop the marble counters.  The top and angled fronts of these Garages are one piece doors which hinge at the back and swing up and open with gas cylinders and make it very easy to see all the way to the back and easily reach in to the items in each Garage.

If you look closely just below the countertop corner on the left you can get a peek of how the “Horizon Line” and handhold works.

Over on the right the top two SS units are mirrored door opening 135L refrigerators and below are two pull out 75L freezer drawers.  Each of these have their own remote 24V DC compressor which will all be located down below in the Basement.  Removing the compressors from the fridge/freezer units allows us to add even more insulation around all sides of each fridge/freezer box to make them super efficient.

Now let’s go down those stairs in the far aft right side of this render and take a look at the Guest Cabin and Christine’s Office.

Guest Cabin & Christine’s Office

Corridor Head Shower Guest Cabin Layout labelledThese two rough renders will show you the general layout of the Guest Cabin area.  You come down the stairs on the far left side into a corridor that leads straight ahead into the Workshop and Engine room shown here at the bottom center.  On the outside of this corridor is an office/workbench for when I’m need more of a clean space to work and then you can turn into where the doors for the head and shower are or walk straight ahead to enter the Guest Cabin and Christine’s Office.
Christine Office ArtisticJumping over to the opposite Starboard/Right side of the hull looking into the Guest Cabin you can see the couch/bed in the lower right corner and Christine’s work desk and chair over on the left. 

Note that the full height wardrobe on the bottom left has been relocated to the upper right corner of this cabin.

Now let’s take a look at some of Yesim’s MUCH nicer renderings of this space.

Guest Cabin 1Standing in the doorway into the Guest Cabin, Christine’s desk is on the right, the couch on the far left which pulls out into a Queen bed and then there is also a fold down Pullman berth hidden away in the aft wall on the right.  In addition to the two large overhead hatches you see here there is another large one over the shower so lots of natural light pouring into all these spaces and lots of fresh breezes when they are open.

Guest Cabin deskRemoving the shower for a better view reveals more of the wardrobe and bookshelves next to the pull out couch.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this very quick and very early glimpse at how the SuperSalon and Guest Cabin areas are shaping up.  You’ll be seeing much more of these once the cabinetry work begins which should be in a few weeks after the Master Cabin woodworking is all done and moves on to the finishing shop.

Please do let us know what you think of this layout and put any of your suggestions, questions and ideas in the “Join the Discussion” box below.


– Wayne