Well, as expected I’m not able to top last week’s progress Dinçer and his wife Nesli making the ultimate mark of human progress with the arrival of their newborn twins Yiğit and Mert who join their three year old brother Demir bringing the Dinç family (pronounced “Dinch”) to now be a family of five.  Yiğit and Mert are doing well and finishing up their time in the hospital for observation having arrived a bit early and Mum is doing well too and Dinçer seems to be losing the bags under his eyes a wee bit.

This was also a 3 day work week here after the time off for New Years but Team Möbius is relentless in their work on Möbius every day so let’s go see what they have been working on this first week of 2019.

IMG_20190103_123914Work continues on the wiring trays that run down both upper sides of the hull with the fitting of the many pass through collars where wires or pipes need to run through the WT Bulkheads and frames.  Next, these will be welded on both sides and be all ready for the many wires, hoses and pipes that need to run down the length of the boat.

Along with the insulated wire trays this ensures there will be no contact or chafing between wires, hoses, pipes and the hull.
IMG_20190102_110425In his shot from the aft Stbd/Right side of the Workshop you can see the two sets of trays here which help keep the more sensitive data carrying wires from being affected by magnetic fields generated by high amperage AC or DC wires.

The perforations keep these aluminium trays nice and light and make it easy to zip tie the wires, hoses and pipes to keep them securely held in place so there is no wear or vibration over time.
IMG_20190104_102612Work also continued on the various railings which are being fabricated from thick walled 40mm / 1.6” OD Aluminium pipe

Nihat and Uğur are busy installing more of the  more pipes in the Rub Rails which create the sockets for the vertical railing posts to fit into the same as do the individual stanchion posts.
IMG_20190102_110324This pair of railings in the foreground have been tacked up and are destined to be inserted into pipe sockets welded through the Rub Rails on either side of the bow.

The pair in the background are for one of the side gates near the aft end of the Pilot House where we step on/off when side tied to high docks.

Bow RailingsUp at the bow there will be two seats for ideal dolphin watching or just the sheer joy of listening to the sound of that knife edged bow slicing through the water.
Aft RailingsYou can see those gate railings that were in the background of the picture above on either side of the Paravane A-Frame boom and the railings which wrap around the aft corners of the deck.
IMG_20190104_114235Here they are in real life viewed from about water level…..
IMG_20190104_114353…… and here up on deck that we will see more often as we make our way along the decks on either side of the Pilot House.

We have made all our railings, stanchions and lifelines higher than most running at about 1meter / 39” above the decks for added safety and ease of using to brace ourselves when working alongside other boats or docks.  This is a good 30cm/12” more than is typical of what we find on many boats but safety and staying ON the boat is our top priority so we like this added height.  At lower levels it is all too easy to have the lifeline or railing act as a perfect leveraged hinge point for an adult’s body to be flipped literally head over heals and unceremoniously tossed into the water.  A 1m height is in keeping with the standards and recommendations/requirements for commercial work boats which we seek to emulate much more than a recreational yacht.  Safety plus good looks, who can ask for more?  By going with grey Dyneema for the lifelines we find these all blend in nicely and don’t interfere with our views out of the SuperSalon glass and you can get a bit of a sense of this in the renderings above where the lifelines pretty much disappear from view.

IMG_20190102_110752To speed along the fabrication of the railings Uğur is using one of the many new machines Naval Yachts as acquired.  In this case a nifty specialised belt sander that creates the “birds mouth” radius in the ends of pipes that are going to be welded perpendicularly to another pipe. 
This quick video shows it in action…..

IMG_20190102_110859There are a LOT of these types of joints on the railings and the arch so this is a huge time saver and creates the perfect fit between the two pipes for an ideal weld in seconds.
IMG_20190102_110849These 90 degree elbows have had their ends beveled and cleaned up ready to be welded into corners of the railings while Nihat cleans up the end of one of the railings to get it ready to be tacked up.
IMG_20190104_165852Yiğit, Burak and I have been working on getting the stairs down from the Aft Deck into the SuperSalon just right and we think we have it so Nihat is already busy turning our models into aluminium reality before we finished up on Friday.
IMG_20190104_184734These will get finished up in the next few days and you’ll see them installed in next week’s update.

Thanks for joining us and following along with the progress here at Naval Yachts.  We really appreciate all your comments, questions and suggestions so please keep adding those in the “Join the Discussion” box below.

We hope your 2019 is off to a similarly great start and we will be back next week so stay tuned.