I thought it best to bring you this message and update all on its own and keep it separate from this weeks XPM78-01 Möbius Progress Update 21-25 Dec. 2020 which will follow shortly.  Hope you enjoy

Especially for all our friends and family who join us in celebrating Christmas as the crazy year that was 2020 winds down, Christine and I want to take the time to send ALL of you who join us here in Mobius.World our most eXtreme best wishes and share some of the joy that accompanies this holiday season no mater what has gone on in the months before and during. 

While Christine and I were deeply disappointed to not have set sail last year and that we were not able to enjoy Christmas 2020 as we would have wished, surrounded by our family, friends, children and Grandchildren, we were still able to be with them via modern mediums that made us feel a bit less far away.  And we both feel truly grateful to have each other to go through all we have together and that we have been able to remain happy and healthy through out the whole year. 

No matter how and whatever happens, we ARE surrounded by our friends, family and nothing but LOVE!  Could we be any more fortunate?  I don’t think so!


Oh, and did I mention that Santa found us two turkeys in Turkey with no problem again this year, which believe it or not is our fourth Xmas in Turkey and our eighth Xmas together.
PXL_20201225_053923306Mrs. Santa was eXtremely generous this year with not only her kisses BUT also with her gifts! 
PXL_20201227_125503610I am still in disbelief of the apparent and serious error in Santa’s bookkeeping which somehow misplaced MY name at the very top of his Good Boy list which resulted in me unwrapping THIS awemazing new bit of kit on Christmas morning!

PXL_20201227_125545888Christine and I have been lusting after a drone for over six years or more but when we sold Learnativity our previous 52’ sailboat, we kept telling ourselves that it would be smart to wait until Möbius was finished and we really had the use case for a drone. 
PXL_20201227_130932131Apparently that time is NOW and boy was it ever worth the wait! 

This is the latest model from DJI the Mini 2 and we are both still shaking our heads in disbelief of what this truly MINI drone is capable of:

  • It weighs a scant 249 grams which makes it just below the legal limit where you need to have a license to fly it, though we will get ours anyway.
  • Captures 4k video at 30 Frames/sec and 100Mbs
  • Shoots 12MP photos in JPEG + RAW
  • Can fly for 31 minutes on one battery charge and up to 16 m/s = 36MPH/58km/hr
  • Flies in 29-38km/hr wind (gee why would that be important to us?)
  • Controller has a range of up to 10km

OK, I’ll stop gushing now but YES! it is an eXtremely eXciting new toy for both of us!


How Mrs. Santa managed to get this delivered to me her in Turkey and before Xmas will remain one of life’s little mysteries but this is one VERY happy little Christmas elf right now.

Timing is perfect as we now have a drone for a month or more so we can get all our licenses and permits to fly legally and get in some practice time before we launch and take off in Möbius with this little guy to capture all our new adventures from above and all around.

PXL_20201227_134053937Oh, and when I said I had been mistakenly put at the very TOP of Santa’s Good Boy list, I wasn’t kidding because this even came with DJI’s “Fly More kit” which includes:

     *  a very nice and equally mini carrying bag

     *  3 batteries,

     *  a super smart 18W USB-C charger that is a 2way general purpose USB device charger

     *  3 sets of extra prop blades

WOWSA!!  But who am I to doubt Santa and Mrs. Santa so I will just say THANK YOU!!!

Therefore let this serve as an early warning that you will soon be seeing LOTS of video footage shot from the unique vantage point of this newest member of our family on Möbius.  Stay tuned as the adventure continues from above once we set out to sea the world from our new floating home mv Möbius.

Both Christine and myself want to wish all of you an eXtremely Happy Holiday season however you chose to celebrate it and we will be back to you next week with more best wishes as we all say farewell to 2020 and start ringing in 2021.

– Christine & Wayne + Barney and Ruby