A very short post for you this week as we are going to meet our two granddaughters, daughter and son at the airport in a few minutes.  They will be staying with us for the next two weeks so I’m going to take a bit of a break from blogging to enjoy every moment of Grampa time I can with them.

PXL_20220704_100713595After leaving Turkey we checked into Greece in Rhodes, stayed the night and were off first thing in the morning heading for Athens with a stop or two to anchor for the night along the way.

45CF40B9-2C3D-48A3-9482-0B999666C2BDHowever, that apparently wasn’t meant to be and so we diverted our course and
IMG_1072are now on the small Greek island of Kalymnos which will make for a great spot to explore with our family. 
I will catch up with things in about two weeks so enjoy the rest from my ramblings while we enjoy some much needed Grampa and Gramma time.