It was a 4 day work week for most people here in Turkey with May 1st being the big  “Emek ve Dayanışma Günü”  or “Labor & Solidarity Day” public holiday also known simply as “May Day”.  Very similar to the holiday around this time in many other countries.  With this also being our first week back after our great two week trip to Florida for some fabulous family and friends time and me sporting my semi annual haircut we thought it was a good opportunity to put together an updated and highly requested video walkthrough tour of Möbius to summarise all the progress since the last video tour.  First a few photos of the progress this first week of May and then the video tour at the end.  Let’s get started!

IMG_20190429_103525The 10mm thick Hatch Lid plates, just out of the CNC machine, were next up for the in-house fabrication of all the deck hatches so the prep work began on welding the inner frames to the Lid plates.  
Open Hatch with DrainsIf you have not yet read about these hatches I designed in previous posts, here is a quick rendering of the complete hatch assembly.  The Lid is in Blue with 15mm / 5/8” thick tempered safety glass adhered on top that sits flush with the deck surface.
Hatch Hinge Boxes close upThe hinges are hidden below the decks to make for an even cleaner appearance with no obstructions on the deck.
IMG_20190501_102700Here is a stack of 4 of the Lid plates with the edges chamfered at 45 degrees where the flat bar of the inner frame will be welded and then all the edges which will be on the inside of the hatch lids all radiused.  The 15mm glass will be adhered to the opposite side.

IMG_20190429_103542Nihat and Uğur prepping the next pair of Lid plates.
IMG_20190502_101404The four large radius corners are carefully formed in the 8mm / 3/8” thick flat bar that creates the inner frame of the Lids is fitted to be perfectly flush with the outer edges of the Lid plate, clamped and tacked in place.  The ends are trimmed to the just right length and welded.
IMG_20190503_105845And in no time all ten hatch lids are stacked up awaiting Sezgin to finish weld them all around.  In the coming weeks these will be cleaned up and prepped for attaching the hidden hinge arms to the Lids and fitting them to the hinge boxes welded under the decks so stay tuned for more as the hatches progress.
IMG_20190503_105925Having pretty much finished gluing all the miles of EPDM insulation to all the interior aluminum surfaces, the seemingly tireless Mummy has now shifted to applying all the thick cloth backed AL foil to the lower sides of the hull Inside the Workshop.  This is the same cloth backed foil covered all the walls and ceilings in the Basement with that you’ve seen in previous posts which produced a fabulous way of covering the EPDM in areas where it will be left exposed to protect it from wear, help reflect light and be easily cleaned and maintained. 
IMG_20190503_184108In the Workshop we are using the same foil to cover the EPDM that extends from the top of the long workbenches down to where the EPDM stops at the floor/bilge areas.
IMG_20190503_184045This is the opposite “wing” of the Starboard side of the Workshop which runs down the side of the Engine Room enclosure walls you see here on the left.  The white Wire trays are all mounted up high on the hull on both sides and will soon be filled with wires, hoses and cables for all the electrical and plumbing runs.  The 500L Day Tank will be mounted at the far end up against the WT Bulkhead where the Guest Cabin begins.

Demir Yigit Mert May 4 2019Progress also continues in the Dinç family where Dinçer, the co-founder of Naval Yachts, and his wife Nesli are kept eXtremely busy raising their new three boys, twins Mert and Yiğit
Demir kissing Mert May 4 2019and 3 year brother Demir, who as you can see is loving being their big brother.

But enough with the static photos and text and on with the promised video walk through tour. 

We put up the previous walk through tour in this “Skinning the Skeg” blog post back in October 19t last year (2018) and you click on that for a review if you missed it.  Or you can go direct to this link to the YouTube video of just the Walk Through video tour if you prefer.  This was one of our most viewed posts and we’ve received a lot of requests for more video and another update so here it is. 

With such an incredibly diverse collection of followers there will be too much detail or it is going too slowly for some of you so I will put in visual breaks as we move from one area to the next with renderings of each area of the boat to help you visualise how these areas will look when completed.  I hope this will make it easier for you to jump around within these longer videos if it any area is getting into too much detail.

We will start with a tour of the interior spaces beginning with the forward Master Cabin and work our way back all the way to the Workshop/Engine Room area and then show you around up on the deck and down on the shop floor in a second video. 


This video is much longer than usual at about 27 minutes so grab a good beverage and a comfy chair before you hit Play.  With SUCH a wide audience here there may be way too much detail in some places for some of you so remember the great thing about video is that you always have the Fast Forward key!

WALKING TOUR of EXTERIOR & DECK as of May 4, 2019:

Second video, about 26 minutes total, is a Walkthrough of the exterior spaces from the Aft Deck to the SkyBridge to the Forepeak and a last look at the Bow Thruster tube and new Hatch lids that are the most recent additions.

Please let me know how well these videos are working for you, suggestions for changes, additions or any other ways to make this all more interesting and valuable.  I’d love to honour the many requests for more videos and more on the Mobius.World YouTube channel but I have to prioritize my time and attention to the build which fills about ten hours of my day six days a week so I’m challenged to have the time to do all the video editing on top of this but will do my best to provide more video as the build progresses.

Thanks SO much for joining us and hope you enjoy.