A doubly big day here for Team Möbius; the very first welding of the first two pieces of AL plate that will soon be joined by hundreds of others to create the complete hull happened AND this Möbius.World blog went live today.  Such a big day that it also called for a commemorative cake for the whole team.Möbius

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Hope you enjoy it, warts and all, and please let others know you think would get value and fun from joining us on this grand adventure.

As exciting as it is for us to finally have the web site and blog up and running, the even bigger milestone today was that the very first two actual AL pieces of the hull itself were welded together.  Might strike you as confusing as you’ve been seeing lots of welding going on in the past two weeks if you’ve been following the previous FB posts of if you’ve been catching up by reading the other blog posts already available here on the blog, however that was welding of the jig that had to be built first to provide the base or foundation upon which the hull itself can be built.  So the big deal, to use anyway, about today’s weld is that this is the first weld of the first two pieces of the REAL Möbius.

With a building drumroll in the background, here is the prep work leading up to that first spark of the MIG welder:

IMG_20180416_154355If you’ve been paying close attention to the previous postings you’ll recognise this as the spot where the first two pallets of AL parts came in last week.  The one in the foreground has been emptied as that was where all the AL parts for the JIG which is now just about finished. 

The pallet in the back here holds some of the actual 8mm AL plate parts of the hull itself and so we needed to sort through this a bit to find the two pieces that had bravely stepped forward for the honour of being the first to be welded.

We were looking for 2 of the pieces that would be part of the transverse Frame #16 which is situated about midway through what will be Christine’s Office and convert into a very lovely Guest Cabin complete with its own Head (boat speak for toilet) and shower.  Didn’t take too long to find them and in the process we started to process of sorting them into respective groups for easier access when it is their turn to join the hull construction.

IMG_20180416_155738You can make out the curve of the hull at Frame #16 in the rear piece and the one in the foreground makes the curve up the sides of the hull to about deck level.  The holes you see will be used for wiring and/or plumbing runs and also help to reduce weight.  And you can see more clearly now some of the specialise slots that I’ve been referring to in previous posts where the longitudinal stringers will lock into place.  The addition cut outs you see in each slot provide access for welding the stringers in continuous beads.

What’s going on in the picture is the preparation of the two edges that will be welded by grinding a 45 degree bevel to create a nice V groove when the 2 pieces are joined and allow full penetration of the weld through the 8mm plate.


A sacrificial length of AL angle is tack welded to the underside for clamping the joint of plates completely flush. 


It will be ground off later.

And here is a sped up video clip of what it all looked like in action.

But WAIT!  Who is that foreign welder guy that snuck in there at the end to do the first weld??? 

Dincer, we need to pull that guy’s welder certificate and check him out.

What can you do for an encore to that?  Eat cake!!

IMG_20180416_160931In his typically thoughtful fashion Dincer and his team at Naval Yachts had made arrangements to celebrate this very big milestone marking by setting up festive tables outside the shipyard and invited the whole team.

IMG_20180416_161006To help eat THIS phenomenal cake made up very special for this occasion.


These are the two guys I work with most closely every day here; Dincer the co founder and owner of Naval Yachts (along with his brother Baris who was away traveling on business) and Burak our lead CAD guy.

Cake Cut D WYou are both one of a kind Dincer and one of MY kind of guys!

As I’m learning how to say;

çok teşekkür ederim