Not quite as “moving” or dramatic of a week this time after the flurry of activity moving Möbius and Legacy from the original Naval Yachts boatyard to the new one so this post will be much shorter for you. 

IMG_20181127_112127If you have been following along with our blog for some time you are starting to appreciate just how many tanks we have (14) given how long it is taking to just weld in all the tank tops and then their corresponding access ports.  No surprise then that this work continued this week and you can see the latest progress here in our Master Cabin where the front four tank tops have now been fully welded in, pressure tested and are now sporting their access ports.


Next up will be fitting the tank lids and gaskets and then installing all the plumbing for lines in and out, vents and fills and level gauges so stay tuned for those exciting developments.

Mehmet will give you a sense of scale for our large Master Cabin where he is up against the WT Bulkhead with the Forepeak storage area on the other side.  He is kneeling in the area that will be the head/toilet with a sink on center and then the Washer & Dryer being in front of him on the far upper Starboard/right side.


Meanwhile up in the Forepeak you might notice that the aft area has now got its tank tops welded in place and now await their access ports to be installed.

If you look closely in the bays in front of these tanks and perhaps click to enlarge, as you can do to all photos in our blogs, you can make out the circular cut out in the 25mm thick keel bar running down the centerline where the bow thruster will go.

Note too how the 40mm pipe is being welded in along the edges of all the longitudinal stringers.  These help make this area a bit safer when you are in here in rough seas but mostly these mate with the semicircular cut-outs in the stringers to create some very handy spots for tying lines, fenders and hooking carabiners over to securely store such things up here. 

The set of stringers going down from the bottom right corner of this shot will also provide a very sold and safe set of steps for climbing in and out of this space through the big Forepeak hatch through which I am taking these pictures.


Moving all the way aft and looking down through the even larger hatch into the Engine Room Enclosure, if you look VERY closely in the upper far right side of the Enclosure you can just make out the angle grinder with Mehmet on the other end of it hidden by the Enclosure wall.  He is busy getting the aluminium in this area all cleaned and ready for its tank tops to be welded in place which will be used for Grey Water holding tanks.

We will hardly ever use these as we normally direct our Grey Water from sinks and showers directly out through our Sea Chests.  However in the unlikely event we ever find ourselves anchored in a very crowded area or in a place that has such requirements, we will have these tanks available to store our Gray Water until we can pump them out well out at sea.
IMG_20181127_111552And lastly for this week, a quick update on Möbius’ shipyard mate Legacy and a riddle:

Do you know what you do when you don’t like the size or shape of your boat’s butt??
IMG_20181127_111701You cut it off!
IMG_20181130_103313Then weld up a new one,

IMG_20181130_103408Which you like better and weld it on instead.

I’ll show you the rest of this marine gluteus maximus replacement surgery next week.
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