Lest you should think from my previous posts that the only thing being built here in the Antalya Free Zone (AFZ) are Mega Yachts and Super Yachts, thought you would enjoy seeing a recent visitor here.


IMG_20180605_195612This little fella was anchored outside the entrance to the AFZ for a few days earlier this week and we had a bird’s eye view out the windows of our 9th story apartment a few blocks away.

Drill rig nightimeShe was particularly striking at night when she was lit up like a Xmas tree.  My zoomed in blurry shot from several miles away doesn’t do her visual light show justice so you’ll have to use your own AI (Augmented Imagination) to get the full effect.


IMG_20180607_104533She soon moved into the AFZ harbour and with the vehicle and people in the foreground you can see that she really is Super Sized!

One of many such drilling rig ships in the Turkish Petroleum company’s fleet.

IMG_20180607_104526While I was at the harbour taking these photos I thought you would also enjoy seeing the way they move the Super Yachts in and out of the water.  You’ll recall seeing mv Lady Jade from the previous post “Another Day at the Office” when she went by riding on the big yellow transport trailer and here she is in the water.  Look closer (click to enlarge) and you will see that white trailer you see on the right is on rails to slide down the ramp into and out of the water.

IMG_20180607_104609Here is a bit closer full view of the rail mounted trailer.  It is all hydraulic and each of those pads you see along the trailer are big independent hydraulic rams to fit up under any hull and support these super sized yachts.

If you click to enlarge this photo you can check out some of the other boats in the background which have been built here in the AFZ and get a sense of the diversity of boat building that goes on here.
IMG_20180607_104702Walking further up the launching rail ramp you can now see what I wasn’t able to show you in the previous posting about how they transfer ships from the yellow road based trailer to the rail one.  Yellow is the road version as you can see by its many tires and then the white rail based trailer behind it.

Can’t wait to be showing you Möbius coming out of the GreeNaval shipyard and going into the water for the first time and that could be as soon as late next year.



Now you can understand a bit better why we are building Möbius here and why we say everything is “SUPER” in the Antalya Free Zone.