For those of you too young to remember the title refers to a popular commercial in the 1970’s and 80’s for the leading edge of cassette audio tapes made by Memorex which were being touted as so good at capturing audio that they came up with the catchy marketing question; “Is it live or is it Memorex”.  Here is a little video clip of one of the many versions of this long running ad campaign featuring Ella Fitzgerald.

And if phantasmagoria is not in your vocabulary I would like to help you add it because it is a word which articulates what I believe is becoming a more and more common state of mind defined as “A dreamlike state in which images both real or imagined blur together”.  I’m experiencing this more and more as my day to day working on the design and building of Möbius involves constantly cycling between the visions for this boat I’ve had in my head for so long, the virtual worlds of 3D models and renderings and the real world of the ever evolving boat.

IMG_20190911_092837Then to add yet another dimension to all this phantasmagoria I’m experiencing, Naval Yachts recently had a scale model of our XPM78-01 built to be part of their booth at the Cannes Boat show last month.  If you click to enlarge this photo you can see the model of the XPM in the clear case on the right and one of the GN60 on the left.
IMG_20191011_140548After seeing a few pictures of this model in a previous post many of you wanted to see and know more about it so I thought I would post this short overview of this very nicely done model now that it is proudly on display in the reception area at Naval Yachts.
IMG_20191011_140830They only gave the poor model maker less than a month to build this from scratch and get it shipped to Cannes in time and I think he did a very good job.  He was given the whole 3D model, drawings and some renderings to work from and he captured a lot of the intricate details in the model which was all done by hand, no 3D printing involved.
IMG_20191011_140907A look into the Outdoor Galley just behind the aft end of the Pilot House with the SkyBridge above.
IMG_20191011_140845This is what the birds flying by the Starboard side will see as they are peering into the Helm up in the SkyBridge.

IMG_20191011_140825or this view of the Starboard side a bit further forward.
IMG_20191011_140539Good overall view from the bow with our “Sidewinder” anchor setup and the Dolphin watching seats which Uğur just welded in this week and you can see in the Weekly Update post to follow.
IMG_20191011_140602Finally, this perspective of the Aft Deck and Swim Platform.

I thought a bit of video might be a nice way to finish so created this little “simulated Drone fly by”.  My apologies in advance for the poor quality I didn’t have my stabilised holder with me so it is a bit shaky but I hope you enjoy it none the less.

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