Hard for us to believe but this week marked the beginning of Year Two as we passed the one year mark since Project Goldilocks began last April 6th and the productivity freight train that Team Möbius is, continues to pick up speed on the tracks to completion by the end of this year.  We were all too busy with the ever increasing teams and types of work that has been happening to stop and celebrate this milestone and it is one of those things where you wonder simultaneously at how it could have been so long ago and yet how short a time it seems.  As per the title and what you’ll see and read in this week’s progress update we now have teams working on finish welding in all our in-house designed and built deck hatches both glass and aluminium types, hand hold railings, electrical wiring, insulation, fuel hoses and manifolds, engine room door, wood and material selections for the interior design work which is picking up steam now too.  So with that brief synopsis let me stop telling and start showing you this week’s progress.

IMG_3577If you’ve been following along the past few weeks you’ll know where you are and what these are.  That’s right we are in the Basement and these are the two large fuel manifolds for selecting which fuel tank we are pulling from and which tank we are returning to when either polishing or transferring fuel. 
Most often this will be filling up the 500L Day Tank which is the supply source for the two diesel consumers, the Gardner engine and the Kabola water heater and then from time to time when we are polishing the fuel via the Alpha Laval MIB303 centrifuge or transferring fuel from one tank to another to keep all that weight well balanced and where we want it.

IMG_3570The manifold on the left manages all the return hoses and the one on the right the supply to each of the six fuel tanks below the Basement.  You can see the large access hatch opening above into the SuperSalon and we’ve located all these ball valves here for quick and easy access whenever we need to switch which tank we are drawing from and returning to.

IMG_3571The manifolds have 14 hoses connected to them, six each to/from each tank and then a main supply and return line leading up to the Day Tank in the Workshop and they have now started laying in all these rubber fuel hoses along the “superhighway” of wire trays that you’ve been seeing installed over the past month.
IMG_3561Speaking of the Day Tank, it moved aboard for a temporary stay to determine the precise location it will have and finalising the brackets to hold it there.  Here you see the partially welded up Day Tank making its way through the WT doorway from the Swim Platform into the Workshop.
IMG_3565Moving it straight forward from the door the Day Tank nestles into its spot up against the WT Bulkhead into the Guest Cabin and the Starboard side wall of the Engine Room on the left here.  If you look closely you can just make out the WT Bulkhead in the back as it is all covered with the black EPDM insulation and you can see two of the aluminium pass through sleeves on the right where hoses, wires and plumbing lines need to penetrate a WT Bulkhead frame. 
IMG_3555Where hoses, wires and pipes need to pass through a Water Tight Bulkhead, oval shaped aluminium sleeves have been welded in such as the three you can see on the left of this photo.  Near the end of the build once all the systems are fully installed these sleeves will be filled with a special certified foam to completely seal them.
IMG_3567And there are some off/on ramps built in where we need to run hoses and cables across a bulkhead such as this.
IMG_20190410_174815You might think some giant squid has squeezed aboard but this is the beginning of installing the larger 50mm/2” ID rubber hose for the Fill & Vents boxes where they connect to each fuel tank when refuelling.
IMG_20190409_134546These might look like two periscopes watching the action happening on the hose trays but they are actually two of the Fill/Vent connections into this fuel tank in the Basement that is inboard of the Grey Water tank in the background here with its access port on the right and some of the SAE5 flanges on the left where the Maretron and Hart tank level lines go.
IMG_20190409_133625Up in the Master Cabin the water tank access ports are being fitted with their SS studs………….
IMG_20190409_133655Fuel rated gasket material is cut to fit………..
IMG_20190410_174957……… and lids are carefully torqued down and then each tank is pressure tested to ensure it remains fully sealed.
IMG_20190408_112541Finishing up with tanks for this week, Uğur and Nihat are welding in the flanges around these two void (empty) tank sections which separate the water tanks in the aft end of the Master Cabin from the fuel tanks in the Basement  This is required by CE and class certification but is also just good practice to eliminate any chance of fuel and water mixing.  6mm / 1/4” aluminium plate covers will be bolted in with gaskets to keep this area fully waterproof as well as providing access in the future should it be needed for these areas which are located under the Queen bed in the Master Cabin.
IMG_20190408_112528Up at the front of the Master Cabin Mummy is busy finishing off the installation of the special acoustic insulation on this WT Bulkhead where the Forepeak on the other side.  With 50mm / 2” of EPDM on the other side, this is our typical over engineering just to ensure that anytime someone is sleeping in the Master Cabin noised from anchoring don’t interfere with their sleep.
IMG_20190408_112307These large acoustic insulation panels have peel & stick adhesive to keep them fully sealed against the aluminium plates and then these aluminium fasteners are glued to the aluminium bulkheads and the foam is pressed in place.

To finish, these large diameter aluminium locking washers are pressed on and the spikes are bent over and cut off to ensure these panels stay put prior to having the acoustic plywood panels fastened over top.

IMG_20190410_174901Finishing off the insulation update this week, Mummy has also been busy completing the exacting job of applying the thick cloth backed foil over all the EPDM foam insulation on the Basement walls and ceiling. 
IMG_20190409_100903This foil has proven to be a great solution to providing the just right surface in the Basement.  As you can see it is VERY bright in here with all the reflection off the aluminium foil and it is Xtremely durable and easy to clean.  What’s not to like?
IMG_3574Installation of all the glass topped deck hatch frames we’ve designed and built in house is now finished with these last two 70cm / 28” square welded in place on each side of the Aft Deck.  These are located overtop of the middle of the length of the 5m long workbenches below in the Workshop. 
IMG_20190409_163446At the very back of the Aft Deck Uğur, Nihat and Sezgin were hard at work building the door for the entrance into the Engine Room. 
IMG_20190410_150008We decided to put a fire rated glass window in this Engine Room door so we can do a visual check of what’s going on inside before opening this door.  We have plenty of gauges that would raise alarms if something goes wrong in the Engine Room but this adds an additional degree of safety when we are doing our hourly Engine Room checks on passage.

IMG_20190409_133422Inside the Port side of the Workshop looking forward we see the Engine Room doorframe tacked in place.
IMG_20190409_134721Uğur fits the short stingers that Nihat has cut to shape for the short area between the new door frames and the rest of the ER walls.
IMG_20190410_174615And Sezgin arrives to fully weld the frames to the walls.
IMG_3550Yiğit designed up these hinges and Uğur quickly fabricated them and tacked the door in place on the new door frames to check that the door can open the full 270 degrees so it folds all the way around out of the way up against the back wall of the ER.  You can see the window cut-out here as well.
IMG_3551It is a bit of an odd angle but might still give you a better sense of how this ER door fits.  This is looking aft towards the door diagonally across where you enter the Workshop from the Swim Step.
IMG_20190409_101243Last but definately not least the rest of the hand hold railings have been fabricated and tacked in place around the perimeter of the whole Pilot House.  Here we are looking at the Starboard/Right Aft corner of the Pilot House looking forward along the side decks. 
IMG_20190409_101313Moving up to the front of the Pilot House, there are similar hand holds run across the forward overhang.  These are huge safety factors enabling us to go out on deck if ever neccessary and always have an Xtremely sturdy and easy to grip hand hold around all 360 degrees of the Pilot House. 
These hand rails are about 1.4m / 4.5ft off the deck which is a just right height for easy reach while walking along these areas and they also provide a continuous series of places to clip your safety harness to.

IMG_20190411_084930Early Thursday morning Christine and I went out to the Antalya airport to start our most recent led of the Never Too Nauti Grandparents World Tour with a quick trip to Florida for some much needed time being Gramma and Grampa with our three grandchildren and three children and their respective spouses.  This low quality shot is as we were amongst the very first flights to land at the brand new Istanbul airport which opened thee days earlier
IMG_20190411_100241First time we have been able to get all of this extended family together and is about the only thing that could pull us away from building our boat with Naval Yachts.  Inside this new airport is truly enormous and stunningly designed.  We had a chance to explore and admire it as we had a few hours before our flight to Miami.
So we are leaving our beloved Möbius in the Xtremely capable hands of the rest of Team Möbius and Naval Yachts and staying in close contact via Email and WhatsApp to make sure we are there to answer questions and provide input whenever needed.  We fly back on the 26th and thanks to Yiğit taking photos every day onboard Möbius I will be able to continue to get these weekly update posts coming so that you, and we, don’t miss any of the action as this incredible voyage and adventure continues.

Thanks for joining us and don’t forget to add your questions, comments and suggestions in the “Join the Discussion” box below.