As I mentioned at the end of the previous blog with the usual weekly progress update on the building of our XPM78-01 Möbius, Christine and I have put together a special Holiday treat for all of you faithful followers; a fully annotated video with a guided tour through all the cabins and compartments.  Many of you have been asking for an update and for more video and seeing as how you have all been such good little girls and boys throughout 2018, your wish has been granted!

In the future you may want to be more careful what you wish for as this video is quite a bit longer than usual clocking in at 23 1/2 minutes.  However I have put in markers for each cabin or compartment so you should be able to fast forward or click on the timeline to spots that most interest you. 

Throughout the video I have overlaid some of the 2D drawings and 3D renders of the various locations on the boat to help you visualise what these currently empty spaces will look like once all the cabinetry and equipment gets installed. 

I will also insert each of these drawings and renders at the end of this post so you can refer to these on their own either as you are watching the video tour or whenever you might want to spend more time referring to the drawings and models.  Remember you can click on any photo or picture in any of these blog posts to see an enlarged view for closer inspection.

As with most things I do I’m a complete novice at this kind of video editing and I’m using all new software tools so please bear with me as I learn my way.  Apologies in advance for the poor sound and lighting quality in several spots.  I now have a new lavaliere microphone to use in future videos that should dramatically improve the audio quality and I’m working on smoothing out the light balance transitions.

It is tremendously valuable for me to get your feedback as I strive to continuously improve each posting.  Let me know for example what is working well for you, and even more so what’s not?  What kinds of information or methods would you like to see more of?  Less of?  Any and all other suggestions you have that will help me improve and make these videos and posts more informative, fun and engaging.  So I would be most appreciative of you adding your thoughts and reactions in the “Join the Discussion” box below.

2018 has been what I always hope and wish for everyone at New Years; the best year yet.  It was another year densely packed full of awemazing adventures, lots of loving and learning, time with friends and family though never enough and now a whole year living, loving and learning here in Antalya Turkey with Naval Yachts. 

Our special thanks to Dennis at Artnautica Yachts for putting up with our never ending “feedback” over the past three years as he worked his naval design magic to turn our visions into all the 3D models and drawings you see here.  All of these are now being transformed into reality by the other very special thanks we have going out to Baris and Dincer who created Naval Yachts and put assembled the whole team of incredibly talented and dedicated people we feel so privileged to work with each day as part of Team Möbius,  

I often describe the process of designing and building Möbius as “a collaborative work of art and engineering” and you can all see why as you so kindly take your valuable time to watch these videos and read our weekly updates.  You too are part of this adventure and add to the joy and value we experience in living this dream.

Thank you one and all and here’s to continuing the great progress in 2019 so we can say the same thing this time next year: Wow!  That was the best year yet!

Happy New Year one and all,

Christine & Wayne


Engine Room & Workshop

011 ER   Workshop Layout

SuperSalon: Galley, Helm, Lounge, Dining

011 SuperSalon Layout

Master Cabin

011 Master Cabin Layout

Guest Cabin / Christine’s Office
011 Guest Cabin CK Office Layout labelled

Overall Profile & Tanks
012 Interior GA inboard profile COLORED TANKAGE


Starboard Aft View of SkyBridge & Aft Deck
Stbd Aft SkyBridge

Starboard Fwd View of SkyBridge

Fwd Stbd SkyBridge

Aft Deck & Pilot House “Wings”
Wing Boxes

SkyBridge Aft labelled

SkyBridge Aft Stbd labelled artistic

SkyBridge Forward labelled
SkyBridge Fwd Stbd labelled

Swim Platform Layout
Swim Step layout

Engine Room & Workshop Layout
ER Workshop Layout artistic labelled

Christine’s Office Layout
Christine Office Artistic labelled

Guest Cabin Head & Shower, Corridor Workbench

Corridor Head Shower Guest Cabin Layout labelled

SuperSalon Layout

SuperSalon Layout labelled

Master Cabin Layout

Master Cabin Layout Fwd Port labelled