Cabinetry predominated the progress this week as the building of XPM78-01 aka Möbius continues “all engines ahead full”.  And a very exciting new stage was added to the list of “firsts” as per this week’s title with the first of the cabinetry being moved inside Möbius and fitted into their new full time homes.  Let’s go see …………

IMG_20190724_151906First in place is this full height wardrobe or hanging closet which is the first thing you cabinet as you see as you descend the stairs from the SuperSalon and enter our Master Cabin.

04If you are new to these weekly updates and to help with orientation, here is the original rendering from many months ago of the layout of the Master Cabin.  This is the view when you are standing with your back against the Port/Left side hull walls looking across the bottom of the King bed towards the entry door and wardrobe closet in the photo above.

To the left is this large bureau of drawers with the mirrored space above for our 3D sculpture of a Möbius strip and then more closets continuing to the left all the way to the forward end of the Master Cabin.
03This is the view when standing beside the closet as you enter the Master Cabin and look forward to the glass walled shower and head/bathroom area in the back left of this render.
IMG_20190725_144210With the first closet clamped in place the next cabinet moved onboard is the base of the bureau of eight drawers.  Thanks to having every part of the boat in the 3D model the cabinets can be made to very close to just right sizes over in the cabinetry shop which dramatically reduces the fitting needed once they are moved aboard so the process goes quite quickly.

Omur (rear) and Selim are a well coordinated team as they make the minute adjustments to getting the cabinets in just the right spot.

IMG_20190725_144220The white boards creating the foundation for all the furniture have been previously installed and leveled before being affixed to the aluminium tank tops that make up almost all the floors on the boat.  This provides a solid level surface for all the furniture cabinets to sit upon and once they are all fully finished they will all be more permanently attached to these foundation boards as well as the surrounding aluminium frames.
IMG_20190726_173428Where anchoring points are needed in between frames the 50mm/2” thick EPDM insulation is cut away and the AL hull plate is thoroughly cleaned prior to having an epoxy coated wood brace glued in place using industrial adhesive.
IMG_20190726_173454The marine plywood sides of the cabinets are extended back towards the hull area inside the frames so they can slide into slots in the anchor blocks as seen here.  Once the cabinets are fully leveled and fitted they will be glued and screwed to these anchor blocks and create eXtremely strong and rigid cabinetry that does not move or squeak, EVER!

06 Structure PerspectiveOne of the many benefits of building an aluminium hull with such an eXtremely rigid framework which this skeletal rendering shows and then covering it with equally eXtremely thick AL plating is that the hull does not flex or move so we take advantage of this by attaching the cabinets the way you are seeing here.
IMG_20190726_121203The back panel above the bureau of drawers has been fitted and clamped in place along with the overhead ceiling plywood and Rosewood edge. 

Omur is moving what will be the cabin’s main entryway door out of the way so that the base for the last set of full height cabinets can be moved into place and fitted.
IMG_20190726_173344Having been previously dry assembled in the cabinetry shop as they were being made and as we’ve seen in previous updates the vertical dividers slot into place very quickly with biscuit joints top and bottom.
IMG_20190726_173544Shelves are also attached using biscuit joints in the slots you can make out with the two slots running across the middle of this inner vertical divider.
IMG_20190726_173602Throughout the interior all vertical corners are solid Rosewood with large 50mm/2” radius corners for both safety and great looks and you can see two examples here with the two full height radiused corner pieces that flank the bureau of drawers.
IMG_20190722_181400Once the cabinets have been fitted and clamped in place the working hardware such as drawer slides and these gorgeous SS recessed hinges will be set in place and adjusted.  The groove running horizontally here between the solid door jamb with the recess for the hinge body and the divider above it is where the custom silicone gasket will be attached to ensure there are no drafts when the doors are closed and no rattling or squeaking from any wood on wood contact. 

IMG_20190723_104348Comfort is one of our five fundamental priorities for these boats and while these kinds of “little details” with these solid cast hinges and silicone gaskets cost both time and money to execute, noise, especially when underway is a huge factor in the overall comfort onboard so we gladly go to such lengths to create eXtremely quiet boats.
IMG_20190723_103911When they were not onboard Möbius fitting the cabinets they’d built, Omur and Selim were working on the components to go into those cabinets such as these solid edged drawer fronts for the bureau of drawers.  These will next have light gray leather panels laminated as is indicated in the rendering at the beginning.
IMG_20190723_103955Most excitingly to me they also have these solid rosewood hand holds all ready to be attached along all the cabinets and doors with the aquamarine “horizon line” behind them as described in several previous updates.  Can’t wait to show you this other unique feature once we start installing them and I can show you better how they work and what they look like.
IMG_20190726_171016Lest you think that Uğur and Nihat were missing in action nothing could be further from the truth as they were busy working on aluminum details aboard Möbius all week as well.  One job getting finished off is the closing in of the insides of the two wing boxes on either side of the aft end of the Pilot House.

IMG_20190726_171008The rear half will be fully welded in place and the forward one will be bolted in place.  These are removable so we can attach and service the extraction fans which are in composite ducting boxes attached to their inner surfaces.  There are ducting tubes connected to the Guest Cabin, Corridor walkway, shower and head and these fans can aid the airflow in these areas as needed.
IMG_20190725_104506Don’t be confused by their temporary resting spot on and inside the Day Tank but the final aluminium detail for this week’s update is the completion of the bolt on covers for the two vent box hatches for the fuel which are located on either side of the outer surfaces of the coaming below the windows just ahead of the Wing Boxes above. 

The gaskets have been glued on and these covers will be bolted in place with SS countersunk machine screws.
The slots allow air to flow into the vent pipes for all the fuel tans and the Gray and Black water tanks.  Sounds like another minor detail but trust me that well ventilated tanks are eXtremely important.  Ask me how I know?!!
And that’s the week that was July 22-26, 2019 here at Naval Yachts in Antalya Turkey.  We’ll be back again next weekend with more photos and explanations of the continued progress as Möbius gets closer and closer to the water and we get more excited with each of these steps.

Thanks for joining us and please be sure to add any and all comments, ideas and questions in the “Join the Discussion” box below.