One of the many great things about my office at GreeNaval Yachts is that I spend every day sitting in the middle of the Antalya Free Zone which is a collection of some of the world’s largest and most renown shipyards for super yachts.  Every day driving to and from my office I see the most interesting things happening within the various shipyards depending on when they have their doors open to see inside or when jobs/ships are moving in and out.  There is also a huge launching facility for taking these ships in and out of the water which adds to the fun.

I have my head down most of the day but try to look up as often as I can as I’ve learned that you never know what you will see going by outside.  Thought you might enjoy what I saw when I looked up yesterday ………….

IMG_20180529_105558That is Lady Jade, originally built in Brazil and then brought up here for a major renovation which included being cut in half and lengthened 10 meters.  The work is mostly finished and so she is leaving the shipyard and heading for the launch ramp where they will complete the work in the water and take her out for some sea trials before turning her over to her owner.

Just another day at the office here at Naval Yachts in the Antalya Free Zone!