Wonderful Week of Wandering

The week of August 20-24th was a big holiday here in Turkey as this marks the five day Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and pretty much all businesses, schools, banks and government agencies were all closed.  We found this Q&A on the hajj...

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Wonderous Week in Antalya

Last week Christine and I took advantage of our fabulous location here in Antalya Turkey to take a break from building our eXtreme eXpedition Passage Maker boat Möbius and go on some land based eXpeditions.After a 5 minute drive from our home and Naval Yachts, we...

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Wow!  This family of unique new eXtreme Passage Makers I’ve been writing about seems to be gaining new members every day. I had no sooner finished writing up yesterday’s “Canadian Kissin’ Cousins” posting about the recently announced Tactical 77 when Andy, one...

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Canadian Kissin’ Cousins??

Last month I put up a post “Newest Member of this Family of Passage Makers” about the newest members of Dennis’ Artnautica LRC58 line of boats, the LRC58-3 “Britt” and LRC58-4 “Raw” which have both been launched and are now at sea as will be joined by LRC58-5 being...

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Another Day at the Office

One of the many great things about my office at GreeNaval Yachts is that I spend every day sitting in the middle of the Antalya Free Zone which is a collection of some of the world’s largest and most renown shipyards for super yachts.  Every day driving to and...

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